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Articles Publication in IOPCA


IOPCA encourages project and program and quality management experts, leaders and professionals to share their experience and knowledge by authoring articles, papers and stories for publication in the IOPCA. We also offer this as a service to leaders in the field who want to share knowledge, get published or gain more visibility in the project and quality management world. Authors of articles and papers published by IOPCA will have their profiles for a minimum of one year. Advance your career and contribute to the project and quality management professional body of knowledge. Contribute a paper and join the growing network of IOPCA contributing authors. If you are interested in submitting an article or paper for publication, please visit our website at www.iopca.us , then send an email to iopca_service@iopca.us.


Organizations need Program and Project and Quality Managers


More organizations in various industries worldwide have programs and projects that need professional program and project and quality managers, as well as project and quality management teams. If your organization needs to hire a program or project and quality manager, to see the organizations currently looking for qualified project & quality management resources.


Projects need Project and Quality Managers


The need for more and better project and quality management, project and quality managers and project teams is increasing among enterprises worldwide. More organizations have more projects; those projects require good project and quality management, project and quality managers and teams of qualified PQM professionals. If you have a program or project that needs resources, anywhere in the world, please contact iopca_service@iopca.us .to see a list of projects currently in need of project and quality management resources.


Project and Quality Managers need Projects


By its very nature, a career in project and quality management is based on a series of temporary project assignments. The natural career progression for project and quality managers and PQM professionals involves a series of positions on a series of projects with ever increasing responsibilities and rewards. If your current project is ending or has already ended, and you are looking for the next great opportunity please write to iopca_service@iopca.us

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